The Pao-hsi are a species of sentient humanoid reptiles, inhabiting mainly the continent of Quumai. They had night-vision, and tough scaly skin that could come in a variety of different colors, from gentler shades like light peach to more intense colors, like dark green or deep purple. Pao-hsi can hold their breath for several hours, and often use this to their advantage during battle, ambushing the unsuspecting enemy from swamps, creeks, or any other body of water nearby.


They are a deeply intellectual culture, regarding intelligence and the pursuit of knowledge as immensely important. They do not believe in marriage or monogamy, and are full-blown polygamists. Their children are parented by the whole of their community, and taught and raised alongside all the other children of the same community. Most become religious at an early age, attending temple gatherings or getting in the company of a priest on a twice-a-day basis at dawn and dusk. All adult Pao-hsi are expected to serve the Quumai Empire's government for a short time in some way, be it through working a government job, joining the military, or any of a number of other options often presented to them by a government employee at adulthood.


Many Pao-hsi worshipped the Two, Nuwa the Mother Goddess and her brother Fuxhil, God of Desolation and Dragons, though some, particularly older religious sects, worshipped Ningiznshzen the Dreamlord and their brother Dumusdi the Farmer. Some Pao-hsi sorcerers paid tribute to the Human Goddess of Magic Ythnarad alongside Nuwa and Fuxhil.

The Quumai EmpireEdit

The Quumai Empire, run by the Shenxhi, was one of the Pao-hsi's greatest achievements, spanning the whole of the Quumai continent and many of the isles surrounding it. The Empire opened up the eyes of the Pao-hsi to the world at large, and the power that came with exploring the world and the strange foreign cultures within it.